Short Bio

Kim Johnson holds an M.Ed. in College Student Personnel from the University of Maryland, where she researched high-achieving Black students’ racial identity development and academic self-efficacy. She currently works as an Assistant Vice Provost focused on student success, access, equity, and inclusion. Kim is the author of THIS IS MY AMERICA from Random House Childrens, Summer 2020.

Longer Bio

Kim lives her best life with her family residing in the Pacific Northwest and Washington D.C.; Kim is also a mentor to Black student leaders and an undergraduate advisor and member of the first historical Black sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, which was founded in 1908.

Her hobbies include writing; mentoring; community engagement; reading deep, dark, or devastating novels; binging on Supernatural, The Walking Dead, The Wire, and Queen Sugar (in that order). Her writing is inspired by topics on social justice, politics, equity, and opening windows and doors to reflect diverse stories yet to be told.

In her earlier life, she dreamed of being an archeologist, unraveling Unsolved Mystery’s, Attorney, and an FBI investigator (still taking offers). She has a wicked habit of cracking plot points while watching television, and terrible on twitter because character limits are too constraining.

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